David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Strategy, Video - 2017

Interaction is the key to access our modern world. The reason for which Campello Motors required the ideation of a B2B marketing strategy to reach businesses and relate with them, maintaining this relationship over time.

Credit also goes to: Leonardo Arena, Matteo Fusco, Giada Gaianigo, Matilde Mischi, Nicole Mottin, Marianna Russo and Matteo Tosi.

The concept was developed in a fast-paced, hackathon-style event. It is based on the use of unconventional marketing techniques, such as sending out VR headsets to view event invites, in order to increment and maintain the relationships between Campello Motors and the businesses it relates to. The strategy is based on five main focal points to increase customer attraction and curiosity, bring in new clients, and personalize their experience: the launch event, website, chat bot, app, and online ad.

Map of the B2B Marketing Strategy conceptualized for Campello Motors on white background.

While the project was conceptualized in its entirety, it specifically focused on the development of the online commercial to captivate customers and keep their attention and expectations high.