David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Visual Identity, UX, Video - 2019

Like all Design, UI development requires the unceasing consideration of the small details which inevitably show during an interaction to make them look smooth, be fruitful, effective, efficient and pleasing, and offer the best User Experience possible.

Credit also goes to: Eleonora Avanzolini and Travis Kroeker.

Dina is a Virtual Personal Assistant developed as a Microsoft Office 2019 update. With the use of the computer’s microphone, camera and sensors, she is able to determine when the user may be frustrated or could simply need a hand, overcoming the barrier that the old Virtual Personal Assistant, Clippy, couldn’t do.

Three Dina Virtual Personal Assistant UIs on gray background.

Clippardina, Dina for short, interacts in her own particular way through a specific set of language behaviors that characterize her.

Dina Virtual Personal Assistant visual language behaviors explained on white background.

She is non-invasive and discrete, but still shows her presence on the screen without imposing herself on the user. In order to respect Social Interaction principles, Dina’s difference with respect to humans was maintained. She wasn’t designed as human-like in order not to create expectations nor negative feelings in the user. She is the future of Virtual Personal Assistants.

This project was recognized as a top 25 Best Poster at the ACM Celebration of Women in Computing womENcourage 2019 held in Rome, Italy. For the complete prototype videos please contact me directly.