David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Product Design, UX, UI, Video - 2019

The best designs emerge when a differently-specialized team works together, merging the diverse knowledge sources, in order to obtain something bigger, something better, and something even more useful.

Credit also goes to: Eleonora Avanzolini.

/Foldly is the result of a gap that was observed during the research phase of the project. In fact, a presence of analogical, purely screen-based technologies to help children with developmental dysgraphia (i.e. an impairment in written expression) was noticed. The system encompasses both hardware components and a supported software in order to aid children affected by developmental dysgraphia in an immersive and interactive manner.

/Foldly smart assistive tabletop and smart pressure stylus technical sketches on white background.

The Smart Assistive Tabletop is composed of a 180º Immersive Screen and touchscreen tabletop and a 90º Robotic Reclinable Touchscreen (specifically at 22º for dysgraphic patients), intended to be accompanied by a Smart Feedback-Feedforward Pressure Stylus comprised of a Bluetooth Transmitter, Pressure Sensor, Haptic Motor and Micro Actuator, studied ad hoc to help dysgraphic patients with their tracing habits.

/Foldly smart assistive tabletop low-fidelity prototype on dark blue background. /Foldly smart assistive tabletop low-fidelity prototype detail. /Foldly smart pressure stylus low-fidelity prototype on white background.

A gamified software, was then ideated in order to support therapeutical engagement, motivation and sustained attention. The software revolves around a main module, which then extends into single modules, that intend to work on visuospatial memory abilities, visuospatial abilities, fine motor skills, motor coordination, and ocular-manual coordination.

/Foldly gamified software banner and logo on dark blue background. /Foldly smart assistive tabletop functionality demo illustration on dark blue background.

The software works on both diagnosis and intervention, facilitated by an app which was designed ad hoc to work in synchrony with the Bluetooth-enabled Smart Tabletob. For the complete prototype videos and more information please contact me directly.

/Foldly Therapp UIs on dark blue background.