David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Branding, Exhibition Design, Web Design, Publishing - 2018

Design is all about decomposing and recomposing techniques, styles and knowledge to produce something new and exciting. And the more people collaborate on a design, the more inspiration and the better the result. This is why, during the past years, I’ve tried to look for specific experiences and work opportunities capable of always making me learn and strive for the best.

Credit also goes to: Francesca Fincato, Giada Gaianigo, and Nicole Mottin.

The main request revolved around the conceptualization of a living brand capable of conveying Knip's values and ideals. Through a set of diverse but converging concepts such as evolution, practicality, beauty, involvement, functional design, micro to macro, and innovation, a Total Design was conceptualized starting from the original logo's revisitation, which takes into account the requirement of conveying identity and recognizability.

Orange Knip brand restyling next to original grey brand on white background.

The brand was then applied to a basic Corporate Identity and to a series of supports to further convey the brand's qualities.

Knip-branded stationery on orange background. Knip-branded business card front and back on orange background. Knip-branded product packaging on orange background. Knip-branded hoodie on orange background. Knip-branded billboard at bus stop.

A further step was taken by designing the brand’s product catalogue, while keeping an eye on functionality and involvement, as well as the in-store staging and trade show exhibition stands, which focused on the use of modular walls and volumes to render the installations repetitive and adaptable to different contexts.

Knip-branded product catalogue on orange background. 3D rendering of Knip-branded product display on light grey background.3D rendering of Knip-branded showroom on light grey background.Detail of 3D rendering of Knip-branded showroom.3D rendering of large Knip-branded trade fair exhibition stand on light grey background.Detail of 3D rendering of large Knip-branded trade fair exhibition stand.3D rendering of small Knip-branded trade fair exhibition stand on light grey background.

To complete the restyling, the company website was designed so as to transform it into a hub capable of communicating to four specific target groups: plumbers, designers, architects and the final customers.

Laptop version of Knip-branded website UI on a floating laptop on orange background.