David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
UI, UX - 2020

Restyling may be considered an easy task, yet it becomes extremely difficult when the brief states that it is of the utmost importance that the restyled digital product remains as similar to the original as possible. However, this is when you can really think out of the box.

lastminute.com is an online travel and leisure retailer which offers late vacation deals. In its mobile app it proposes itself as an all-in-one solution for booking and storage of last minute travel packages and tickets. In 2018 the app was redesigned, yet restyling isn’t always a synonym of perfection. Various micro-design decisions were identified as potential issues, and alternatively redesigned, in order to suggest possible solutions to them.

lastminute.com UIs displaying two redesigned micro interactions regarding date and airport selection, on pink background.

Be it having to incessantly scroll through a calendar, not reaching an expected page, not knowing where to click, or not understanding what's really going on, the examples of poor design – on the left – were tweaked by redesigning a few micro interactions rendering the app fresher, cleaner and more usable. Check them out on the right hand side. For the full project demo videos please contact me directly.

Modal Excise



False Affordance