David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Branding, UI - 2016

Clean, functional, intuitive: this Corporate Image was created for the glass company, Viraver's, new sub-brand of led glass products. It won third place out of two-hundred projects in the contest organized by IUSVE University. “Reach for the stars” is Theia’s payoff.

After a first analysis, the naming flourished very clearly. Theia refers to a planet which, according to the giant impact hypothesis, collided with the Earth, resulting in the Moon’s origin. The collision metaphor was used to design the logo itself, resembling Viraver's impact with its sub-brand, creating something new and modern.
The payoff was also inspired by the astronomical meaning of the word “Theia” in order to emphasize the brand's products' elevated quality. Thus, reach for the stars becomes Theia's uniqueness.

Beige Theia brand on khaki background.

Two additional logos were also designed to identify Theia's first two marketable products: Impact and Lucendi. Since Impact's shape is similar to the Moon, the concept was condensed in the exact moment in which the planet collided with Earth's atmosphere to give form to the satellite. Lucendi's product concept was used to give rise to a form that recalls the moment after the collision. In fact, the Moon and Earth are both distinguishable, thus recalling the moonlight and the consequential illumination that one can notice from the interior of the glass.

Beige Impact and Lucendi sub-brands of Theia on khaki background.

The brand was then applied to a basic Corporate Identity line, on a series of gadgets and on the website UI in order to connect with the potential customers and to maintain the constructed relationship.

Theia-branded letterhead on beige background.Theia-branded envelope on beige background.Theia-branded business card front and back on beige background.Theia-branded usb flash drive on beige background.Dark and light versions of floating Theia-branded pens.Floating Theia-branded notepad on beige background. Hand holding a Theia-branded tote bag on beige background.Responsive laptop, smartphone and tablet versions of Theia-branded website UI on beige background.