David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Packaging Design, Exhibition Design, UI - 2017

Today, experiences result from a 360-degree brand presence in the environment, passing through traditional means, such as the Corporate Image as well as through any external support and context that can amplify the brand’s values and ideals. This was the requirement in the following case study: promoting the brand’s core idea through its packaging and store design concepts, in order to make people live a full-blown, completely involving experience.

The project revolves around the enhancement of Made in Italy products through packaging design in the broadest sense to promote the culture of good food. The Made in Italy trademark was not strongly represented through flags or the typical tricolor. However, various references to typical Made in Italy, such as the sinuous shapes that accompany the design's style, were employed.

Farchioni Armonie d'Italia packaging concept sketches.

Further objectives to be met were the promotion of a consumer experience, the evocation of Italianness, quality, transparency, ethics, genuineness and craftsmanship, the creation of links with the potential target group, and the promotion of the typical regionality of Italy. A Made in Italy product capable of being participated and transportable was conceived, in order to convey the qualities of the real Made in Italy.

Farchioni Armonie d'Italia Tubesac packaging on beige background.

This is how “Armonie d’Italia” is born, based on the idea that the products that make up the new Farchioni-branded line contain oil, the raw material that gives rise to the products themselves, or combine harmoniously with the oil, playing on the theme of the harmonious accompaniment and of the arranging together.

Farchioni Armonie d'Italia oil packaging on gradient beige background.Farchioni Armonie d'Italia baci di dama packaging on beige background.Farchioni Armonie d'Italia dried tomato packaging on beige background.Farchioni Armonie d'Italia taralli packaging on beige background.Farchioni Armonie d'Italia bi-fold brochure on beige background.

A branded store design concept to host the new product line was then conceived, along with the product line's dedicated website to complete the 360-degree experience.

Farchioni Armonie d'Italia store design concept on white background.Farchioni Armonie d'Italia dedicated website UI on a floating computer on beige background.