David Harrison Ferrell's orange brand with the logo resembling a scribble on the left.
Branding, Video, Web Design - 2018

Branding is not about transmitting one single value. Companies strive and continue to develop, offering numerous ideals and principles that must be conveyed to the target group in order to maintain customer loyalty while also increasing the customer base. Let’s be real: it’s difficult for one static brand visual to transmit diverse values and ideals. The best way to do it? By creating a fluid and ever changing brand.

Credit for the ad design also goes to: Nicole Mottin.

The new dynamic branding for a company dedicated to the production of mens' everyday bags started off with the design of the static logo. It intends to transmit the concept of summation and composition which lead to the following keystone: the union of modularity and urban adventure. Urban adventures are free, experiential, full of unexpectedness, but at the same time refer to a trip, something that is mechanic and controlled.

White Urbanature brand on dark green background.

The idea was then transduced to the dichotomy between composition-summation and unexpectedness-subtraction, giving birth to the new, dynamic, Urbanature.

Dynamic variations of the Urbanature brand on white and dark green backgrounds.

The concept of modularity was transported to a visual element that recalls a map tile. This element was then applied to a Corporate Identity, as well as a series of gadgets, in order to complete the design and enhance the overall concept.

Urbanature-branded stationery on dark grey background. Urbanature-branded business card front and back on blurred road background. Urbanature-branded notepad on dark grey background. Urbanature-branded dark green floating pens on dark grey background. Urbanature-branded flash drive on dark grey background. Urbanature-branded smartphone case on dark grey background. Urbanature-branded billboard in front of a New York skyline. Urbanature-branded shopping bag and packaging on dark grey background.

The design then moved into the moving space, giving rise to the brand's TV commercial and website, in order to complete the 360-degree brand.

Responsive laptop and smartphone versions of Urbanature-branded website UI on dark grey background.